Someone Discovered a Hidden Borderlands 3 Message in Battleborn

A lot of us are eagerly awaiting an official announcement about Borderlands 3, and we have absolutely no idea how long we’re going to be waiting for. That’s okay, however, as it seems that teasers and hints are beginning to drop. Last week, Randy Pitchford surprised fans at the Game Developers Conference(GDC) with a tech demo of the engine they will be using for the upcoming title. While it was very clearly a Borderlands-style art that was being shown, Pitchford repeatedly made it known that it was not the actual game. It was just a demonstration of Unreal Engine 4 and nothing else. A likely story. Luckily, a hidden Borderlands 3 message has been found, and in Battleborn, no less.

Reddit user whatsmynameagain picked up on the message after the latest update in Battleborn. New side missions were added that brought players to Varseli Portal anomalies, which produced beeps that happen to be Morse code. Within the transmission of sounds, the crafty Reddit user was able to decipher the hidden Borderlands 3 message. It said:


The hidden Borderlands 3 message raises far more questions than it answers. What/where is Prometea? Will our upcoming adventures take place on another planet? Who is “we” and why are they not on Pandora anymore? If by “Tannis is not what she seems,” you mean that she is sane, is that such a bad thing? Or is she going to be the villain in the upcoming title? Also, why can’t we open the vaults? They provide us with incredible loot! Sure, they summon devastating beasts from other realms, and typically vaults are opened for greedy means, but… loot. Will somebody please think of all the glorious loot! However, if opening the vaults has been helping Dr. Patricia Tannis, if that even is her real name, maybe we should stop.

hidden Borderlands 3 message

Something has always been a little off about Tannis since the first title in the series, but never quite “villain” off. Then again, she did have you bring the vault key to her so she could keep it “from falling into the wrong hands.” Until more hidden messages are found, or the actual official announcement of the game, we’ll just have to keep speculating as to what is in store for us. Gearbox is developing Borderlands 3 right now, though, so that’s a start. Maybe E3 will yield us the answers we desire.

What say you, vault hunters? Do you think Tannis is going to be the villain in the upcoming title? Or is it going to all be just one big misunderstanding? Are you hopeful for another hidden Borderlands 3 message? Let us know in the comments section below or share your theories over on our official Disqus channel. As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. If you need more reading material, check out the following links:

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