GameStop Clarifies Black Friday Sale Issues

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GameStop has received a ton of heat over their Black Friday sales event, and with good reason. Potential customers failed to receive email notifications regarding their online purchases. In the wake of the ensuing confusion and anger, the company stepped up to reassure their customers of their purchases.

On their Twitter account, GameStop issued a notice to the Black Friday shoppers to put all concerns at rest. Short version: customers overwhelmed their system, but the sales all went through.

“We know that there has been some confusion around some orders placed over the Black Friday weekend. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we experiences an unprecedented amount of orders during the weekend and our email notification system has gotten a little backed up. Don’t worry, orders are being processed, even if you have not yet received an email notifying you of your shipment. In many cases the order is already on its way, it’s just our notification system is catching up. So fear not, your order is being processed and shipped, and should arrive on your doorstep soon.”

A number of customers replied to the tweet in the affirmative, with many already having received their deliveries. However, a similar number also tweeted that they had yet to receive their shipments and/or confirmation emails. Some gamers also lamented that nobody was available at GameStop to speak to them at customer service. It has evolved into a massive quagmire (though still not the biggest of the season), but thankfully, it appears all packages will arrive on time.

GameStop can only hope that 2019 goes better than 2018. Earlier this month, a viral video showed a player destroying a GameStop over their refusal to refund his copy of Fallout 76. Whether or not their policy justified the denial (in my mind, it was), that is bad press at a bad time. It followed the resignation of the company’s CEO and a report that the company was looking into a buyout. After adding in the facts that they shifted their business model and shut down a ton of stores, one can justify wondering about GameStop’s future. You’d hope that they’d at least get their online store on track for Black Friday. Alas, it was not to be this holiday season, but at least customers will get the deals and games they deserve.

What do you think about GameStop’s explanation? Did you get your Black Friday deal on time? Let us know your best/worst GameStop story in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter!

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