Final Fantasy XV Gets Connected with Online Multiplayer DLC

Final Fantasy XV

2016 has already been a big year for gamers. The good news is that the year isn’t over yet and we still have some highly anticipated titles to look forward to. One of those titles being the 10 year long project, Final Fantasy XV (FFXV). Developers, Square Enix, announced this morning that an online multiplayer mode will be available as downloadable content (DLC).

Final Fantasy XV

The announcement came during their presentation at Paris Games Week. The DLC titled Comrades, will be included in the game’s season pass as well as a separate DLC option for those not willing to fork out for the $24.99 season pass. Comrades will enable you and three friends to cooperatively traverse the vast world of Eos. Players will get to play as the main protagonist, Noctis or one of his three best friends: Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus. The remaining DLC for the season pass will take you on quests and missions designed for Noctis’ closest buddies. Each episode will feature new enemies and areas to explore while giving each one of them a chance to shine with their unique gameplay styles.

No confirmation has been give as to when DLC will be release but there are FFXV bundles that will have them available at launch on November 29. You can check out the trailer for Final Fantasy XV below:

Are you excited for the latest entry into the long running Final Fantasy catalog? If you haven’t yet you can pre-order your copy below for Xbox One or PlayStation 4:

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