Far Cry 5 ‘Lost on Mars’ Expansion Launching Next Week (VIDEO)

Ubisoft announced that Lost on Mars, the second DLC pack for Far Cry 5, would be coming next week July 17th.  This new pack will bring players a new set of missions in a location entirely new to the Far Cry series: Mars.  In fact, in a fantastic reference to David Bowie, the player will be fighting off the literal Spiders from Mars.

Players will take control of Nick Rye, the bush pilot NPC from the main game who finds his buddy Hurk in need of aid and comes to his rescue when Hurk tries to fight off an alien invasion.  The location and oddball setup aren’t the only new additions though.  You’ll have access to a whole new arsenal of sci-fi weaponry to help you in your resistance against the eight-legged freaks from the Red Planet.  That includes new laser guns like the Blaster of Disaster, Taser Phazer Annihilazer, Morphinator, and the OBLITERATORRR (yes it’s spelled that way).  Nick will also be able to pilot “Space Jets” in order to fly around the new map.  On top of all that, many of these new assets will be available to the game’s robust creation system and players will be able to share their Mars-themed maps in Far Cry Arcade.

This expansion definitely skews more towards the loony hijinks from a previous entry in the series, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, rather than the mostly grounded content featured in Hours of Darkness.  The Vietnam themed expansion certainly brought a whole lot of new and fun content to the table, but players looking for something a bit more out of the norm may be at home in this new pack as well as the next one, Dead Living Zombies, due out in August.

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