The Division Developer Hints At Sequel In The Works

Division Developer Hints At Offline Sequel Following 1.8 Update

Tom Clancy’s The Division saw its most recent 1.8 update go live earlier this month, offering a huge assortment of new and tweaked gameplay modes free of charge. The avalanche of content provided by Massive Entertainment gave the nearly two year old game a much needed shake-up and fans a bevy of new modes to try out. With the substantial patch behind them, it seems as though the Division developer may be eyeing the future, hinting at a potential sequel to the multiplayer shooter.

Speaking with IGN, Massive managing director David Polfeldt voiced his eagerness to further pursue the world of The Division past the first game. Before stopping himself, he went on to hint at a potential “continuation” that could forgo the online-only model and result in an offline experience.

I think it’s a wonderful, wonderful brand that has so many potential stories in it. There are a lot of things that we didn’t do in The Division 1 that are interesting to look at for that brand. I definitely think there’s lots of space for continuation which is beyond just keeping The Division online. But…I can’t talk about that too much right now.”

Division Developer Hints At Offline Sequel Following 1.8 Update

The prospect of an offline version of the popular action RPG is interesting to say the least, especially in a climate of increasing multiplayer domination. The lack of a sequel / spin-off confirmation by Ubisoft or Massive Entertainment does put a damper on those plans for the time being. Until that day comes (if ever), the Division developer states they are committed to providing fans with regular updates, and bringing the game closer to their original intent.

The way we see it is that our first obligation is to make The Division awesome. That’s not something that ended on launch day. I do think we are much closer today, especially after [Update] 1.8, to the game that we wanted to create, and also to the game that gamers were expecting at launch already.”

What do you think? Is the Division developer aiming to release an offline sequel, or am I off the mark and they’re subtly hinting a book? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more in the area of sequel news, check out these next few links below:

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