Charmed Reboot Emerges in Redevelopment at CW – Hope is Not Yet Lost

Charmed reboot

For those who thought the Charmed reboot had been left by the way side have something to be excited about again. The show is looking at a reemergence at CW as the team working on it redevelop the original concept pitched when first suggested. Mark Pedowitz, head of CW, had this to say about the show:

It’s in redevelopment. [We’re] waiting to see what Jennie Urman wants to come back with. … It’s early in the development process, but we’re redeveloping it, and hopefully it will come out.”

The Charmed reboot is still pending however CW hasn’t given up on the idea. Keeping that in mind, fans of the late 90’s early 2000’s show can remain hopeful that something might yet come out of all this. What the plan is remains to be seen, however, the team is promising.

Jennie Urman, the creator of Jane the Virgin, is heading up the writing for the Charmed reboot with Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin. All three writers will also be executive producers on the project, putting their money where their pen is. Along side the writing team is Propagate Content’s Brad Silberling and Ben Silverman who will also be executive producers.

Charmed reboot

The WB hosted Charmed from 98 – 06. Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, and Shannen Doherty were among the original cast until Shannen Doherty exited for other projects. This introduced Rose McGowan to the group and the show saw her until its end. Stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for more updates on the Charmed reboot.

What do you hope the reboot will bring to the table that the old show didn’t? Would you like to see the old characters return, or see new ones take their place? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow the official Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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