Ghost Rider Christmas

New Ghost Rider Christmas Comic Written By Method Man

We learned recently that R.L. Stine, creator of the Goosebumps series of books, will be writing for a new Man-thing series of Marvel comics. Now, it looks like Marvel will…

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vulture action figure

Amazing New Spider-Man: Homecoming Vulture Action Figure by Hasbro is Perfection

Very soon after the first trailer for the new Spider-Man movie, the toy company Hasbro released some great pictures of their new Legends Series Spider-Man: Homecoming figure sets. The new…

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All-New Wolverine Gets a New Costume and Faces Off with a New Threat

Marvel has been making some changes in the last couple of years. One of those changes is the All-New Wolverine character. In 2014, Marvel killed Logan in the story arc of Death…

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Aquaman Patrick Wilson Orm Ocean Master

Patrick Wilson Joins the Cast as Orm in Upcoming Aquaman Movie

The Aquaman movie has cast veteran actor Patrick Wilson as Orm, aka Ocean Master, the half-brother of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. Patrick Wilson has been cast as Orm in 2018’s superhero…

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R.L. Stine, Author of Goosebumps, to Write for Marvel’s Man-Thing Series

In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) last month, a certain author disclosed his role as a writer for a Marvel series, but he couldn’t say what it was. Well, Man-Thing will…

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Harley Quinn Takes Center Stage in Injustice: Ground Zero (VIDEO)

Don’t you just love it when your favorite mediums of entertainment intertwine in a nice little web of storytelling? No, this isn’t a reference to Spider-man and the Marvel crew;…

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X-Men Spinoff TV Series ‘Legion’ Gets a Premiere Date and a New Trailer (VIDEO)

With the ever growing success of the comic book genre in TV format, thanks in no small part to Netflix Originals, Marvel Studios has shifted to Fox for the next…

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McFarlane Promises Brutal R-rated Spawn Film – Perfect for Horror Fans

Todd McFarlane’s “Spawn” has a whole lot going on, and it isn’t exactly easy to translate to film. An attempt was made back in 1997 to capture the abrasive antihero on…

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Power Rangers Comic Reveals Badass New Ranger

Boom Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series has just blown readers’ minds with the reveal of a brand new Power Ranger. This marks the first time in the franchise’s 23-year history…

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CineFix Brings Doctor Strange Into the 8-Bit World (VIDEO)

Damn, CineFix…back at it again with 8-Bit Cinema! The very same folks who have brought you 8-bit renditions of such classic hits as The Revenant, Pulp Fiction, and The Shawshank…

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