Ashes of Creation Gameplay Video Showcases Incredible Progress By Devs (VIDEO)

Creation Gameplay Video

It seems many Kickstarter games are taking center stage this year. With Kingdom Come: Deliverance getting a release after years of waiting, other games are also gaining similar momentum in the indie gaming field. One fine demonstration of just how hard these developers are working comes from an Ashes of Creation gameplay video that shows off the passion behind what starts as a hopeful idea.

Intrepid Studios has released a lengthy Ashes of Creation gameplay video that showcases a gorgeous world rife with danger just begging to be explored. The MMORPG features varied creatures and dungeons backdropped by an incredibly detailed world. Take a look for yourself in the video below:

The Ashes of Creation gameplay video comes from the pre-alpha test build of the title. Viewers get a first-hand look at combat, the overworld, the UnderRealm and so much more. Of considerable note are the villages, created to dynamically grow and creating ever more challenges to players who must defend it from outside threats.

Another feature that captured our attention is that the dangers in this game aren’t necessarily coming at you. A clumsy player an find themselves dead from a fall before they ever encounter a monster. With last summer marking the end of their Kickstarter, the Ashes of Creation gameplay video reveals an amazing amount of progress both in thoughtful features and gorgeous scenery.

Ashes of Creation is being developed for PC and is expecting a beta phase later this year.

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