Halo Inspired Game “Installation 01” Given the Green Light by 343 Industries

Halo-inspired Installation 01

Recently a trailer dropped for a fan-made game that left fans interested, but apprehensive. It is not often in the fan developer world that a game made about a franchise makes it to release. One lucky developer has a chance to see Halo-inspired Installation 01 to fruition with 343 Industries conditional blessing.

Recent fan tributes to Metroid 2, Metal Gear, and Breath of the Wild have all been shot down by legal notices recently. Even a GTA 5 mod tool recently got a temporary ax for stepping over what the company felt was a line. Companies attempting to protect their property rights aren’t shy about clarifying boundaries, which is why it’s surprising that Installation 01 would get the okay.

Halo-inspired Installation 01

The catch is that the developer cannot accept money or go commercial with their project and must stay within the Game Content Usage Rules from Microsoft. With that in mind, Nathaniel “Church” Hatfield, the project manager behind Installation 01 announced that the team will not accept donations or market anything related to the game. Here is what Hatfield had to say regarding their accord with 343 Industries:

This may mark a shift in the fan-made game industry. With franchise based games like Halo-inspired Installation 01 being allowed under certain parameters to operate, it may be possible for other developers to follow suit. Creating their own fringe type games that reflect and do not infringe on their favorite titles looks like it may be more possible now than ever before. Whether or not this will serve as an example to other industry leaders or just a once in a lifetime thing remains to be seen. Fans and indie developers can remain hopeful though.

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