The Final Logan and New Ghost in the Shell Trailers are Coming!

The new and final Wolverine movie called Logan has been eagerly awaited since it was first announced. It will be the 10th installment of the X-Men series and the 3rd…

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All-New Wolverine Gets a New Costume and Faces Off with a New Threat

Marvel has been making some changes in the last couple of years. One of those changes is the All-New Wolverine character. In 2014, Marvel killed Logan in the story arc of Death…

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The Official Trailer for the New Wolverine Movie: Logan is Here (VIDEO)

Superhero movies are a-plenty and the trend seems to only be increasing (trust us, we are NOT complaining). We’ve seen the playfulness of Marvel, the gritty, dire, world of DC…

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Boyd Holbrook Joins the Cast of the Last Wolverine Movie “Logan”

The character Donald Pierce may not immediately ring a bell, but the internet is buzzing about him in a big way. From the looks of it, this villain has it out…

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