25 Percent Of Ubisoft Employees Witnessed Or Experienced Workplace Misconduct, Says Survey

The past few months have been rather complicated at Ubisoft. The video game publishing giant has been providing updates and previews for their biggest upcoming games through digital events, while…

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Ubisoft VP

Ubisoft VP Steps Down Following Abuse Allegations

Ubisoft has had quite an interesting and eventful month. While prepping for its big Ubisoft Forward digital presentation that was meant to show big future titles, the company also faced…

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Ubisoft Editorial

Ubisoft Editorial Department Restructuring To Combat Harassment

As gamers are well aware, harassment and toxic behavior are constant issues the gaming community has faced for about as long as there has been a gaming community. Developers have…

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Luigi Dabs

Luigi’s Dabs are So Lit in the New Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Spotlight Trailer (VIDEO)

Today, the new crossover game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle finally released for the Nintendo Switch, bringing the immensely popular Super Mario and Rabbids franchises together for the first time….

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Wildlands Bolivia Portrayal

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Bolivia Portrayal Causes Nation to File Complaint With France

One of the more interesting aspects of Ubisoft’s modern obsession with creating open world games is the ability that the company’s development studios have shown to recreate virtual versions of…

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