Ghost Recon Wildlands Announces Rainbow Six Siege Crossover

Ghost Recon Wildlands Announces Rainbow Six Siege Crossover (VIDEO)

Recently teasing a new permadeath mode, Ghost Recon Wildlands has a bevy of new content planned for their next Special Operation 2 update, including PvP maps and the introduction of Ghost War challenges….

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Splinter Cell's Michael Ironside

Splinter Cell’s Michael Ironside Talks About His Return As Sam Fisher (VIDEO)

Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ latest update crossed over two Tom Clancy titles and brought Splinter Cell lead character Sam Fisher into the game for a special one-off mission. Fans were expectedly…

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Wildlands Update Splinter Cell

New Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Teases Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher (VIDEO)

Year 2 of Ghost Recon Wildlands’ post-launch content is underway, with Ubisoft having already laid out the first of their upcoming DLC titled “Special Operations 1“. While the pack’s much-requested feature…

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