REAPER HERE – Overwatch’s Favourite Edgy Grandpa Die, Die, Die’s into Street Fighter 5 With New Mod

Overwatch is everywhere. We mean everywhere. With figures, comics, animated shorts, and game cross-overs, it seems that the ever growing popularity of Blizzard’s first person shooter is showing zero signs of…

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YouTuber Creates Life Size Reaper Mask and Guns Out of Legos – Because Why Not? (VIDEO)

YouTube user ZaziNombies creates amazing things with LEGOs. Recently the Overwatch fan came from the shadows and recreated both the skull mask and Hellfire Shotguns that belong to Reaper in…

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REAPER HERE: Check Out Overwatch’s Soldier 76 and Reaper Face Off in a Rap Battle (VIDEO)

JT Machinima is “dropping the beat” with this hilarious video pitting two Overwatch heavy shooters against one another in true epic rap battle fashion. Reaper and Soldier 76 face off…

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Blizzard’s Latest Collectable: The Overwatch Reaper Statue *Heavy Breathing Intensifies* [VIDEO]

Blizzard continues its line of premium collectibles with the newly revealed Overwatch Reaper Statue. Only the second collectible in the line, the Reaper figure follows Blizzard’s release of the Overwatch…

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