Phasmophobia Beta Update

Phasmophobia Update Makes It Easier For Ghosts To Get You

Phasmophobia has been offering players a unique experience in which they, and up to three of their friends, load into a map and remain terrified while hunting ghosts in dark…

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Phasmophobia Prison Level Beta

Phasmophobia Prison Level Coming To Beta Soon

Kinetic Games has a hit on their hands with Phasmophobia, the ghost-hunting adventure that has players hiding in closets, stealing everything that isn’t tied down, and actually completing objectives here…

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Phasmophobia Developer Working On Prison Level

Phasmophobia has quickly become one of the most popular games for players to enjoy. The ghost-hunting experience is quite fun and terrifying, only made better when playing with friends because…

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Phasmophobia Dev Discusses The Future Of The Game

2020 has been the year of unlikely games becoming the most popular. In a time of battle royales and other shooters, the likes of Fall Guys and Among Us have…

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