Playable Female Krogan

Mass Effect Andromeda Adds Playable Female Krogans to Multiplayer (NEW IMAGE)

Though BioWare canceled their multiplayer beta test, they still wanted to give fans a peek at what they could expect. Fernando Melo, producer of Mass Effect: Andromeda, shared a screen…

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Hardcore Survival Mode

Uncharted 4’s Hardcore Survival Mode is Live – Details and Patch Notes Here!

If you’re beginning to get bored with Uncharted 4’s multiplayer options, I’ve got good news for you. The new Hardcore Survival Mode is now live, along with a whole suite…

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New Mass Effect Trailer Showcases Andromeda Multiplayer Gameplay (VIDEO)

There have been a lot of teasers and amazing trailers to give pathfinders their taste of adventure before the upcoming BioWare release of Mass Effect Andromeda. In the latest trailer,…

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Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer

Mike Gamble Talks About How Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Ties into the Campaign

With Mass Effect Andromeda’s release nearing, many fans have been wondering what to expect from the game in terms of the Andromeda multiplayer experience. Mass Effect 3 introduced the multiplayer arena…

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Andromeda Beta

Mass Effect Andromeda Beta for Multiplayer Coming Soon

The time is drawing nearer – the highly anticipated release of BioWare’s latest space RPG, Mass Effect Andromeda, is set to release March 21 (March 23rd EU) and fans couldn’t…

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PC Requirements for BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda Expected to be Revealed Soon

With the lengthy and detailed gameplay trailer released at last year’s video game awards, and a much smaller scale demo at 2017 CES show, there is plenty to be excited…

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Witcher 3 Developers, CD Projekt RED, Granted $7 Million for Seamless Multiplayer Research

The success of CD Projekt RED’s (CDPR) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has landed them a grant from the Polish government. Poland’s NCBR (National Center for Research of Development) gave the developers…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Multiplayer is Linked to Campaign

The hype train for Mass Effect: Andromeda keeps chugging along as we learn more details about the highly anticipated latest installment in the franchise. Today’s nugget of tantalizing news centers…

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Free Weekend for Rainbow Six Siege, and 50% Discount

For those of you that have been eyeballing Rainbow Six Siege but you weren’t sure if it was worth a hit to your wallet, you can now try it out for free…

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Rockstar’s Deadline Mode for Grand Theft Auto V: Tron-Style Multiplayer

Rockstar just released a new online, multiplayer death-match for Grand Theft Auto V called Deadline. It is a 4-Player game mode that allows participants to race and dispose of each…

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