Metro Exodus Train

Metro Exodus Train Functions Similar To Mass Effect’s Normandy (VIDEO)

Deep Silver and 4A Games’ upcoming title Metro Exodus is taking its post-apocalyptic premise outside the underground and into the Russian wilderness for its next adventure. In the journey along…

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Metro Exodus Details

New Metro Exodus Details Reveal Bold Changes Ahead, Plus Screenshots

Deep Silver gave us our first look at Metro Exodus during last year’s E3, introducing fans to the action-horror title’s first adventure in the post-apocalyptic surface of Moscow. That alone is…

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Metro Exodus Release Date Hidden In The Trailer (VIDEO)

Metro Exodus, the long awaited 4A Games first person shooter for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, wowed both the in-person audience and the audiences all around the world streaming…

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Metro Exodus Cinematic

Metro Exodus Cinematic Trailer Premieres At The Game Awards (VIDEO)

One of the biggest surprises at the Microsoft press conference at E3 earlier this year was the revelation of Metro Exodus, another sequel in the 4A Games series based on…

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Metro: Exodus Arriving in 2018, New Gameplay Trailer Revealed at E3 2017 (VIDEO)

The next game taking place in the tense, post-apocalyptic world of the Metro series has been teased a few times over the last few months with developer 4A Games last revealing…

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