Among Us Chicken

Among Us Crewmate-Shaped Chicken Nugget Sold For $100,000 On eBay

There have been many video games that have provided comfort and social interaction this past year, but perhaps none have been as impactful for these needs the past year quite…

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Pokemon Mcdonald's

McDonald’s Pokémon Happy Meals Keep Selling Out Thanks To Scalpers

After weeks of speculation, fast food franchise McDonald’s has finally begun rolling out a new round of Happy Meals centered on the Pokémon series. Going live yesterday to mark the…

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A McDonald's Cash Register Was Successfully Modded To Play Doom

A McDonald’s Cash Register Was Successfully Modded To Play Doom

The modding community has been synonymous with gaming as long as the internet has had a gaming culture scene, and the creativity of modders has only grown over the years….

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Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce

Mcdonald’s Gifts a Jug of Szechuan Sauce to Rick and Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland

McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce – the limited edition dipping sauce that was only available for a short time in 1998 as a promotion for Disney’s Mulan – is Rick Sanchez’s primary reason…

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