Masters Of DOOM TV Series In The Works, James And Dave Franco Producing

DOOM is a franchise popular for its hellishly-unabashed running-and-gunning gameplay, but the franchise was deemed a full-blown phenomenon when the original released back in 1993. The id Sofware title innovated…

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Alien: Covenant Video Introduces the World to Walter the Android (VIDEO)

Since the beginning of the Alien franchise, androids have played key roles in the stories of each film. The Weyland-Yutani Corporation is the intergalactic conglomerate that is responsible for most of the…

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Alien Covenant

New Alien Covenant Image Reveals New Cast Member – A Chilling Juxtaposition

It’s been a couple months since the official trailer for Alien Covenant was released to the world wide web. With its release, film makers sparked a growing interest in this…

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