New Godfall Intro Cinematic ‘The Fall’ Revealed (VIDEO)

While Godfall is already known to be a unique looter-slasher and melee-action RPG, there have only been hints as to what the story will actually entail aside from Valorian Knights…

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pax online 2020 gearbox digital showcase

Gearbox Digital Showcase Happening At PAX Online 2020

Gearbox Software and team will be holding a Gearbox Digital Showcase at PAX Online 2020. In addition to their other great games, the crew will be revealing their game plan…

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Godfall 4K Gameplay Showcases Powerful New Skills, Weapon-Swapping (VIDEO)

There’s going to be tons of drops this holiday season. With the coming of next-generation platforms, sequels, and brand new video game premiers hitting the market by the end of…

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