Fortnite's Horde Bash

Fortnite’s Horde Bash Update Goes Live – New Heroes, Quests, and More! (VIDEO)

Fortnite is making a name for itself as an early access title. Having just reached 7 million players, the future of the game looks bright. Reaching that number can certainly…

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Developer Criticizes Fornite’s New Battle Royale Mode

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer, Bluehole, has decidedly spoken up about Fortnite’s battle royale mode. Recently announced for the new Epic Games title is a brand new game mode that the gaming…

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battle royale

Free Battle Royale Mode Coming to Fortnite Soon – Here’s the Details! (VIDEO)

Developer Epic Games has announced a free Battle Royale mode for their co-op sandbox survival game Fortnite that closely resembles the setup of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Just 100 players, 1 map, and…

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Fortnite’s Survive the Storm Update is Rolling Out Next Week – Prepare for a Challenge (VIDEO)

Fortnite‘s Survive the Storm update is rolling out this week with all sorts of epic new loot, weapons, mutants, and storms to test your strength and tenacity in rolling with…

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Fortnite Cinematic Trailer

New Fortnite Cinematic Trailer Brings the Fight Inside a Burger Joint (VIDEO)

Back in 2011, Epic Games announced their action building game Fortnite. Now, after six years, the game’s release is just around the corner. To celebrate the approaching launch, Epic Games has released a…

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Nintendo Switch Now Compatible with Unreal Engine 4 (VIDEO)

The Unreal Engine 4 created by Epic Games is a highly popular game engine with dozens of games created with its tech. You can see it used in titles such…

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Paragon's Age

Paragon’s Age of Intellect Update Adds New Healer “Phase” (VIDEO)

Paragon‘s Age of Intellect is the title of the latest 0.04 update for the MOBA from Epic Games. The update features changes to existing characters and cards, Golden Loot Keys, and…

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gears of war movie

Gears of War Movie Hires Armageddon, Aliens vs. Predator Screenwriter

Universal Pictures has had a film based on Epic Games’ popular shooter Gears of War in the works for a number of years now. The video game’s pulse-pounding action and amazing…

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CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, Will Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

The organizers of the Game Developers Conference have announced that the founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award during their show on March 1st….

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Gears of War - Cole Train

Man Claiming to be the Real ‘Cole Train’ is Suing Gears of War Developer (VIDEO)

TMZ is reporting that the Gears of War company is being sued by a man claiming to be the real Cole Train. It has yet to be announced whether he is suing…

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