DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal Fan Recreates The Game’s Iconic DoomBlade (VIDEO)

Wrist-mounted blades are included in many amazing games, including favorites such as Star Wars: Republic Commando, the Assassin’s Creed franchise, as well as the latest addition of DOOM Eternal. Doomguy’s…

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DOOM Eternal DOOMicorn Skin

DOOM Eternal Reveals The DOOMicorn And More Cosmetic Skins (VIDEO)

Doomguy has certainly changed over the course of the DOOM series. From the iconic armor and helmet combo of the DOOM Marine to the Praetor suit worn by the DOOM…

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DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal Features The Most Powerful Doom Slayer Yet

Fans are still pretty pumped up from all of that magnificent DOOM Eternal gameplay that was shown during the opening presentation at this year’s QuakeCon. After all, id Software brought…

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Quake Champions

Quake Champions Set to Hit Early Access Next Week With New Features

Quake has been one of the most recognizable and popular first person shooters over the past two decades. Developed by id Software and a bounty of others over the years,…

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