Atari VCS Pre-Orders Crash IndieGoGo, Campaign Goal Gets Destroyed (VIDEO)

The older, classic video game consoles have been making their way back into the spotlight this past year, with a recent rumor heavily hinting at the appearance of an N64…

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Atari Reveals Pre-Order Info, Price, And More Regarding Their New Console

It’s the age of Nostalgia and Atari is not willing to be left out in the dust. When they first announced the upcoming Atari VCS console, many were interested in…

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Atari’s Ready Player One-inspired Katakana Black Line Now Available: Hats, Wallets, Bags, & More

For the more nostalgic gamer looking to rehash their love for Atari, there’s some good news. The company has just launched a new Katakana black line that is as sleek…

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Primal Rage

Throwback Thursday: Primal Rage – The Dinosaur Arcade Fighter

In August 1994, Primal Rage was first released for arcades. The post-apocalyptic fighting game pitted the gargantuan monsters of prehistory in primitive combat and offered one of the most violent…

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Ataribox details

New Ataribox Details Announced – Expected to Launch in Spring 2018

The Ataribox has been surrounded by mystery ever since the first images were released back in July. With a sleek, modernized look that captures the essence of previous Atari consoles,…

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Atari is Launching a New Wearable Technology Line Inspired by Blade Runner 2049

There is a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 release. With a brand new Blade Runner VR experience on the horizon, and a plethora of enticing trailers,…

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Both Sega and Atari Classic Console Pre-Order Dates – Full List of Games and When to Get it Here

The dramatic #NESClassic2K16 tragedy left a lot of gamers interested in revisiting their nostalgia more than a little frustrated as the supply for the consoles were depleted right out of…

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Here are the First Images of the Upcoming Ataribox (GALLERY)

During this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, which took place one month ago, Atari released a video that created all sorts of buzz. Almost as soon as the teaser arrived, CEO Fred…

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Atari Console

New Atari Console on the Way – “We’re Back in the Hardware Business” (VIDEO)

It has been over 20 years since Atari’s last console – the Jaguar – hit shelves, but that statement will no longer be true in the relatively near future. Recently,…

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Mini Retro Consoles Coming From Sega and Atari This Fall

Mini Retro Consoles Based on Sega Genesis and Atari 2600 Coming This Fall

Ever since Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition, gamers have have delighted in its miniaturized look and essential classic game offerings. Many have since speculated when other gaming companies would…

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