Ninja Turtles Pinball

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball Machine Revealed (VIDEO)

While gaming technology in the home improves and evolves, the forms of gaming seen in arcades continue to survive in colorful and creative ways. One company dedicated to this effort…

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Stranger Things Pinball Machine

Stranger Things Pinball Machine Announced By Stern Pinball

In this new era of streaming services, perhaps the biggest success story has been the mass appeal Netflix has found with its original series Stranger Things. The 1980s-themed retro series…

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343 Industries Announces New Halo Game, A Co-Op Arcade Shooter Experience (VIDEO)

When the Halo franchise first began, who knew it would leave such a legacy? The games were massive fun as a science fiction shooter and 343 Industries has an over…

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Coleco Brings Back Mini Arcade Games Complete With The Classic Retro Feel (VIDEO)

It’s been years since miniature arcade games were a thought, but one manufacturer is determined to follow the retro trend and bring these bad boys back. From the creators that…

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Smash TV

Throwback Thursday: Smash TV – “I’d Buy That For A Dollar!” (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to April 1990, when Smash TV released for arcades. The game put players in the middle of a violent, over-the-top game show, slaying waves of dangerous enemies…

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This Fan Made Overwatch Fighting Game Is Something We All Need (VIDEO)

The Overwatch fan community is vast and with it is a diverse demographic of skills, backgrounds, and talents. One group of gaming content creators, TGN, have outdone themselves this time…

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Crazy Taxi

Throwback Thursday: Crazy Taxi – The Game That Drove Everyone ‘Crazy’

On January 24, 2000, Crazy Taxi was released for the Sega Dreamcast. The arcade favorite took the admittedly dull premise of taxi simulation and injected it with frenzied, over-the-top personality….

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Primal Rage

Throwback Thursday: Primal Rage – The Dinosaur Arcade Fighter

In August 1994, Primal Rage was first released for arcades. The post-apocalyptic fighting game pitted the gargantuan monsters of prehistory in primitive combat and offered one of the most violent…

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Harambe Kong' Arcade Game

Appendages Out For Harambe With This New Donkey Kong-Esque Arcade Game

It’s been over a year since famed gorilla Harambe was infamously gunned down by a zookeeper after a toddler fell into his enclosure. The tragic ape has since become a…

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Cuphead PS4

Dedicated Fan Creates Custom Cuphead Arcade Cabinet (VIDEO)

Cuphead released in later September earlier this year, which allowed it some time before the busy fall release schedule of major gaming titles to dominate much of the gaming conversation…

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