Indie Game “Secret Legend” Receives a Brand New Name and Trailer (VIDEO)

Even though the eventual release of this indie title isn’t a secret, it’s been quite some time in the making since the initial announcement of its arrival. Formerly recognized as “Secret Legend”, this small isometric game will be coming to PC, Mac, and consoles – the latter of which have not been specified, but is likely to appear on Xbox and PlayStation 4. There have not been word if it will arrive to the Nintendo Switch.

TUNIC is an action adventure about a tiny fox in a big world. Explore the wilderness, discover spooky ruins, and fight terrible creatures from long ago.”

Tunic will launch sometime in 2018, but an exact date or time frame hasn’t been clarified. However, the PC Gaming Show trailer (seen above) showcases the beautiful art style that Dicey decided to take in partnership with Finji. The combat looks fun, fluid, and fast-paced despite the deceptively cute design. Surrounding objects like pots, grass, and trees can be destroyed or interacted with. There’s no lack of color either!

What do you think of the new name for Secret Legend? Is it an upgrade or should they have stuck with the former? Feel free to leave any thoughts or comments in the section below or begin a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers official Facebook and Twitter! For more coverage on the PC Gaming Show and other presentations we have covered at E3 2017, check out the articles below:

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