Sea Of Thieves Criticism Gets Response From Xbox Boss, Updates Fans On Crackdown 3

Thieves criticism

Having only been out for a week, the shared-world adventure about pirates has been getting plenty of feedback from fans, both the good and the bad kind. The Sea of Thieves criticism leans heavy on players feeling the game lacks depth, while others feel the title is fun and accessible. Xbox boss Phil Spencer took to Twitter to support the praise and answer to the criticism fans are expressing.

To further squash the Sea of Thieves criticism, Spencer noted that the team plans to support the new IP and build on the content in the future. The idea behind the game was to bring about something that had more social aspects, with mechanics that support that aim. Both Spencer and fans agree that Rare accomplished this with the new title.

The Sea of Thieves criticism wasn’t all that was addressed in Spencer’s tweets. One fan, concerned with another IP, posed a question to the Xboss and he was quick to answer. The fan was concerned with the lack of information on Crackdown 3 since the release date was pushed back. Here is what Spencer had to say about the matter:

Despite the rising tide of Sea of Thieves criticism, the crew here at DFTG have been hitting the high seas and having a blast doing it. The game supports a wealth of activities and engages players to be social and have fun. For those interested in seeing the team in action in Sea of Thieves, be sure to follow the official DFTG Twitch channel.

What are some of our readers’ first impressions of Sea of Thieves? Join in on the conversation in the comments section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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