Phil Spencer Discusses the Scorpio’s Price Point and the “Balance” of Specs

Earlier this year, Xbox boss Phil Spencer took to the stage at the 2016 E3 conference to announce the next big hardware from Microsoft. Code named Project Scorpio, the next console in the Xbox One family is believed to be a powerhouse of a gaming machine. With such a powerful machine must come a hefty and rather expensive price point, right? Spencer seems to think otherwise.

In a recent interview, Phil Spencer shed some light on what the tech giants are hoping to achieve in terms of hardware capability and affordability.

“When you talk to me about Scorpio, the term I use about the architecture isn’t the six teraflops which is obviously what we’ve announced, it’s balance. Really what it is, is you want a platform that is balanced between memory bandwidth, GPU power, you know, your ability to move memory and [an] amount of memory around in many ways is more inhibiting to the performance of your game than absolute teraflops on any one of the individual pieces, and when we designed Scorpio we really thought about this balanced rig that could come together at a price-point. Like, I want Scorpio to be at a console price-point, I’m not trying to go and compete with a high-end rig. And because we’re building one spec, we’re able to look at the balance between all the components and make sure that it’s something we really hit that matters to consumers and gamers.”

Project Scorpio

It seems Microsoft is making an attempt to bridge the gap between high-performance gaming PCs and consoles, but keeping to console level prices. This could mean that we may see the console somewhere in the $400-$500 range upon release. $500 may still be a lot of money, but that is less expensive than a $800-$2400 gaming PC.

Other than the stated 6 Teraflops of computing power and the fact that all Xbox One games will be playable on the new console, the Xbox team has been keeping most of the details to themselves for the time being. Xbox  exec, Aaron Greenberg,  has boasted that games will run “True 4K,” but not much else has been let out of the bag. In the coming months, we can expect more and more details to come to light. It’s a pretty safe bet that E3 2017 will be a huge day for Xbox fans.

box One Project Scorpio logo tipping point

Judging from what little has been revealed about Scorpio, are you excited for the next console in the Xbox One family? What do you think a fair price point should be? Leave us a comment in the section below and stay tuned with DFTG for all of your gaming news.

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