Labyrinth Sequel Gains Director and Screenwriter, Let the Magic Begin!

Drag yourself out of that oubliette, because the Labyrinth sequel is still happening and now the upcoming film has a Director and Screenwriter! The sequel was announced over a year ago, but afterwards things were kept quiet while fans of the 1986 cult classic grieved the loss of the movie’s main antagonist Jareth, played by the great David Bowie. It was reported that Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe) and Jay Basu (Metal Gear Solid, The Girl in the Spider’s Web) will be working together to create a Labyrinth sequel that will undoubtedly be pure magic! It was originally announced that Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) would write the script, but there is no mention of whether that is still true.

Labyrinth sequel

Now the word “sequel” has been mentioned a lot in this article so far, but just in case you still didn’t catch it, this is not a remake of the beloved classic. The Jim Henson Company and TriStar Pictures have both been very clear that this is a whole different story that takes place within the Labyrinth universe, so put down those pitchforks. Never fear though, because Alvarez is super pumped about directing it and you just have to trust a fellow fan to do it justice!

“Labyrinth is one of the seminal movies from my childhood that made me fall in love with film making. I couldn’t be more thrilled to expand on Jim Henson’s mesmerizing universe, and take a new generation of moviegoers back into the Labyrinth.”

Sounds good, so PLEASE don’t let everyone down! What do our readers think of the choices for Director and Screenwriter? Are you pumped about a Labyrinth sequel? Put down your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below or start a discussion about it on the DFTG Disqus channel. Want all the gaming and Labyrinth news you can handle? Then follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and then check out this sweet Labyrinth board game here!

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