Bookwyrm’s Free Comic Book Day 2017 Preview (VIDEO)

Ah, that magical time of year is upon us again. A time of outlandish costumes, fun games, and contests. A time of monsters and magic, of heroes and villains. A time of nefarious plots and imaginations run wild. This Saturday is the first Saturday of May, and that means…

…it’s Free Comic Book Day!

Since 2002, comic book fans have walked into their local comic shops on the first Saturday in May and walked out with free comics, signed memorabilia, fun prizes, and more. As comic books gain more and more of a following, Free Comic Book Day has also gained in popularity, expanding from comic shops to other book retailers and even public libraries. It’s one of my favorite days of the year — an excuse to go comic store hopping with my sons and bask in the company of other comic geeks.

For a little more info on Free Comic Book Day, watch the official video below:

So what awaits you this Saturday should you decide to venture to your local comic rack?

While celebrations vary from city to city — and, indeed, from store to store — you can expect free entry-level issues of popular titles (particularly those with upcoming movie tie-ins like Guardians of the Galaxy and Wonder Woman). Most of these issues are written specifically for the event and designed with new readers in mind, so don’t be afraid to jump in. You can also expect plenty of superhero costumes, contests and giveaways, writer/artist meet-and-greets and signings in some of the bigger cities, and in-store deals on comics, graphic novels, and other memorabilia like statues, posters, and toys.

For the parents out there, many stores also have lots of kid-friendly activities and contests. Do yourself a favor and look up a participating comic store near you.

So what’s up for grabs? Click here for a list of available titles. Selection varies by store and, of course, supplies are limited. So if you’ve never been to your local comic shop, today is the day! Make haste, my friends. Go forth and read to your heart’s content!

And if that’s not enough for you, here’s Wil Wheaton:

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