Disaster Report 4 Plus Returns As PS4 Exclusive With New Trailer (VIDEO)

Disaster Report 4 Plus

With developer Granzella having completed City Shrouded in Shadow, their sights have returned to their popular Disaster Report survival series once more. While the wait was shrouded in a long silence, fans are finally getting an update with a new trailer. Check out the Disaster Report 4 Plus trailer below:

The same protagonist from previous features is shown in the trailer wandering the streets of Tokyo, which has been devastated by an earthquake. The character was presumably on her way to a job interview when the disaster struck. From what the video shows, Disaster Report 4 Plus has made considerable progress. Here is what the developer summarized about the story on YouTube:

<story> July 20XX. Strong sunshine, burning asphalt. A group of buildings that can not endure their own weight one after another and collapse. The city right after the earthquake is dangerous and people are confused. The main character (which can be selected from men and women) who encountered a large earthquake right after visiting this city as a job hunter wanders the city where the earthquake continues to survive without habit of land. Collaborate with people, catch up with information, gather information and escape from collapsed cities. The fourth survival / action adventure series.”

Disaster Report 4 Plus is said to be overseen by crisis management and disaster prevention expert Satoshi Watanabe in collaboration with Kobe City Fire in order to achieve accurate and realistic portrayals of a disaster after the fact. That said, it makes sense that the developers are taking a considerable amount of care in creating this game. Disaster Report 4 Plus is currently a PS4 exclusive and will be released in Japan sometime in 2018.

How will experts being involved make the latest Disaster Report game better than its predecessors? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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