‘Dark Phoenix’ Rumored for Next X-Men Film

Dark Phoenix art by @Bosslogic on Twitter

The beloved Dark Phoenix Saga is potentially being eyed for 20th Century Fox’s next X-Men film. This rumor arrives following rumblings of a reboot for the franchise earlier this week.

Dark Phoenix art by @Bosslogic on Twitter
Art by @Bosslogic on Twitter

Jean Grey AKA “The Phoenix”, is rumored to be front and center in a film adaptation of the comic book character’s most defining story, the Dark Phoenix Saga. According to LRM sources, the young cast of gifted youngsters from X-Men: Apocalypse will be reprising their roles for the proposed film, including Sophie Turner, of Game of Thrones fame, coming back as Jean.

The comic book storyline of the Dark Phoenix Saga follows Jean as it is discovered that her powers are much more than they appear. They are a manifestation of the sentient cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force. After gaining access to her greater Phoenix abilities, Jean is overwhelmed and driven insane by the godlike being and becomes the villainous Dark Phoenix. This is obviously not a good thing as the immortal force possesses a near-infinite array of abilities and is unbeatable in almost every way.

Dark Phoenix X-Men comics
Jean was previously portrayed by actress Famke Janssen in the various X films prior to Apocalypse. Her performance of the character was generally well-received, but the poor setup and handling of the Phoenix saga was received less than so. Really poorly as a matter of fact.

Will the next eventual version of The Phoenix live up to the source material? Was Apocalypse a great film and deserving of a follow-up? Should they use this opportunity to integrate into Marvel Studios’ MCU?

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