Damage Inc.: The Cancelled Metallica Game

Could you imagine what kind of world this would be if we had a Metallica video game? I’m not talking about the Guitar Hero: Metallica game. I’m talking about a full-fledged video game. The members of the band, cars, post apocalyptic goodness, guns…what more is there to love? Well, it sort of exists in the far reaches of the Internet, it’s called Damage Inc., and it was almost released on the PS2, Xbox, and PC back in 2005.

Andrew Borman from PtoPOnline has released a video outlining the details of the cancelled game. Think the carnage and vehicular mayhem of Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 meets the open(ish) world(ness) of Grand Theft Auto. Considering the graphics of the time, it doesn’t look absolutely horrible or anything. In the bit of game play that Borman got his hands on, you can see that there was still time that needed to be put into it before the game was finished, but some basics were definitely there. One thing they seemed to nail was the general feel of the game. A smooth day/night cycle almost distracts from the fact the game is unfinished.

Damage Inc. was being developed by Climax after merging with Black Rock Studios, who were originally developing the game. Later down the road, problems began to arise. Most notably, members of Climax accusing a top dog at publisher Vivendi Universal for actively trying to get the game cancelled. Must have been a Megadeath fan. Licensing issues also seemed to play a part. Either way, judging by the actual game play and what it looked like in development, regardless of when in development it was, and the look of the trailer that came with St. Anger in 2003, I think there was a chance we were all about to be disappointed.

Combine that trailer with the concept art drawn up by Calum Alexander Watt(in the gallery below), and I believe a sizable number of people would have been entirely stoked to play this game. Unfortunately, we won’t know exactly how that sizable number of people feel about the game because it didn’t happen, it’s probably not happening, and it more than likely will never happen. What is happening, however, are all of these damn teasers!

What say you, gamers? Would you have liked to play a Metallica video game? Not a fan of the thought? Drop a comment below and let me know how you feel.

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