Star Wars Rogue One: A Don’t Feed The Gamers FULL Review (SPOILERS)

With the relaunch of the Star Wars franchise over the last couple years, the hype has never been more real than now. The Force Awakens, once announced, became the most…

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DFTG Staff Picks GotY

DFTG Staff Picks for Games of the Year

We are just a couple of weeks away from the end of 2016. It’s been a pretty big year in gaming and we here at Don’t Feed the Gamers have…

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christmas gifts

DFTG’s Top Picks for Geeky Holiday Gifts for Gamers on a Budget

Oh no! It is the holiday season and a week until Christmas and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for those special people in your life? Well if they…

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Overwatch Game Director Responds to Disappointment in Mei’s Legendary Holiday Skin

The game Overwatch is currently having a special holiday event that includes a handful of new hero skins and goodies, but some fans of the Blizzard game are giving Mei’s…

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Just in Time for the Holidays – DFTG’s Top Ten “Nerdy” Picks for Monopoly Lovers

Monopoly is a game that has been around for generations. It has become a staple in most households that could either mean a peaceful night in with friends and family or,…

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Bill Nye Talks “The Force” at Star Wars Rogue One Premiere

First off, let’s be clear – Bill Nye loves Star Wars and the lore, even though it initially “infuriated” him. However, Nye apparently wanted to ruin everybody’s Star Wars dreams…

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Get Ready to Shake, Rattle, and Roll with Rockabilly Overwatch Fan Art

With Overwatch’s immense popularity we have seen some pretty awesome fan art. One artist in particular stands out with his impressive renditions of Rockabilly Overwatch characters. Andrew Dat Tran or…

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BioWare Crossover Art “Dragon Effect” and “Mass Age” by Andrew Ryan

At some point in your gaming lifetime, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like for a BioWare universe crossover. What if the Mass Effect crew were in the Dragon Age…

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DFTG Cosplay Feature – Interview with Ezmeralda Von Katz

We recently had the opportunity and privilege to speak with Amanda Fehlner for our Cosplay Feature. An Omaha native and extremely creative costume designer for a local community theater, she is…

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Short Film “Player Two” Will Tug On Your Nostalgic Heartstrings (VIDEO)

Player Two is an animated short by film maker Zachary Antell that captures a beautifully done rendition of what it is like to be a younger sibling. Gaming is a…

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