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The last Guardian December 2016

We still have a month left before we say goodbye to 2016, but until then, there are numerous games...

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Final Fantasy XV's 72-hour boss Adamantoise

Final Fantasy XV has only been out for a day and the game’s supposed 72-hour boss battle with Adamantoise...

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Final Fantasy XV November 2016
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ICYMI: Here is the Full List of Games That Released This November

As we all transition from last week’s Thanksgiving dinner binge to next month’s gift-giving celebrations, it’ll be nice to sit...

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News Tech

‘Nightmare Machine’ AI Knows Your Fears – Takes Your Innocent Photos and Twists Them, Try it Out!

A new artificial intelligence is transforming  normal images disturbing. The “Nightmare Machine” algorithm seems appropriately named. Researchers in the U.S. and...

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A clever and creative fan has perfectly recreated Super Smash Bros Melee to fit the constraints of a common internet browser....

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Battlefield 1 Battlepacks

Battlefield 1 weapon skins, AKA Battlepacks, are now available to purchase with real world money through microtransactions. The popular...

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Conan Exiles

A brand new trailer for the upcoming Conan Exiles just hit the web. In addition, the open world game...

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Monster Hunter movie
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Resident Evil Director to Helm Monster Hunter Movie

Resident Evil film franchise director Paul W.S. Anderson has tapped the live-action Monster Hunter movie as his next cinematic...

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Star Citizen Team to Share Their Production Schedule to Ease the Community’s Doubts

The Star Citizen team have offered concerned gamers a peek at their development schedule to ease doubts of the...

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The craziest shopping day of the year is almost upon us! Microsoft has posted the first batch of Xbox...

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