Worlds Adrift Trailer Showcases Aerial Battles and Crafting (VIDEO)

Bossa Studios, the developers responsible for Surgeon Simulator, are hard at work on their latest project, Worlds Adrift. Their new game is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that features sky-ships, floating islands, base jumping, and scavenging to find building materials to craft and survive.

In a new gameplay trailer titled Remnants, the focus is turned to that of the upcoming game’s aerial battles and glimpse of the crafting within the latest project. Players will group together to scavenge and mine for materials to build sky-ships that are capable of traveling to the various floating islands, as well as battling for supremacy against other groups. Check out the new trailer below:

Worlds Adrift is still in production and isn’t due out until sometime in 2017, but you can sign up for early access by clicking here. The game will be an unscripted shared world sandbox game with MMO mechanics. The in-game world will constantly change and be affected by player activity in real time. The official synopsis from Bossa Studios is as follows:

A thousand years ago, a cataclysmic event shattered a world into floating islands scattered across an endless skyline. Civilizations tumbled, societies collapsed, and all seemed lost.

From the rubble emerged ragtag bands of nomads, who fly cobbled-together skyships from island to island, scavenging for resources to keep moving. These are the players of Worlds Adrift: Explorers of a new world and seekers of ancient knowledge.

Guard knowledge or work together with a crew to rebuild society. It is up to you. Your choices will constantly shape the universe you live in.”

Worlds Adrift

Sky-ships, adventures, wing suits, finding clues to civilizations lost; sign us up! What do you think of the upcoming Worlds Adrift? Will you be signing up for early access? Let us know in the comments section below. Be sure to bookmark and check back with DFTG regularly for all of your gaming news.

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