Valve Approved Most of the 3,400 Titles in Steam Greenlight Before it Closed, So What Now?

Almost all of the 3,400 titles that were awaiting approval in the Steam Greenlight portal have been approved by Valve, which was detailed in a note that announced the Greenlight…

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Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Men Fighting Game Inflatality Hits Steam Greenlight

Steam has been no stranger to weird and unique, but low-risk games in the past. Despite its reputation as often hosting very unpolished and unfinished titles, the quirky projects on…

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The Steam Trading Cards System is Getting Revamped to Prevent “Fake Game” Abuse

In 2013, Valve introduced the Steam Trading Card system as a fun feature and an opportunity for people’s inner collector to geek out. Furthermore, it was an “easy way to…

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Steam Direct replacing Steam Greenlight

Valve to Replace Steam Greenlight with Steam Direct Later this Year – Industry Reaction Divided

Steam Greenlight has been a less than stellar program since its launch in 2012. While it may have brought new hope to many developers, it also pushed some into the…

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‘One Eyed Kutkh’ Brings Siberian Fairy Tales to the World of Video Games (VIDEO)

Say hello to One Eyed Kutkh, an imagined world of what eastern Siberian fairy tales would be like if they were about space travel. Yeah, space travel! We follow our…

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