PlayerUkn1wn: Friendly Fire – The Game That’s Not Afraid To Rip Off PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is by no means the first battle royale title to hit the market, but it was one that had a massive impact on the lesser known genre. Since…

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Silicon Echo Studios

Over 200 Games Removed From Steam From Recent Valve Purge (VIDEO)

Valve removed a staggering near 200 games and shut down several developer storefronts all associated with Silicon Echo Studios. The company in question may not be one that is readily…

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Valve Approved Most of the 3,400 Titles in Steam Greenlight Before it Closed, So What Now?

Almost all of the 3,400 titles that were awaiting approval in the Steam Greenlight portal have been approved by Valve, which was detailed in a note that announced the Greenlight…

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Steam Direct

Valve Announces Steam Direct Self-Publishing Fee – Lower Than Expected

After Valve announced the replacement for Steam Greenlight earlier this year, many did not take the news so well. This was because instead of the one-time $100 fee that developers…

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Steam Direct replacing Steam Greenlight

Valve to Replace Steam Greenlight with Steam Direct Later this Year – Industry Reaction Divided

Steam Greenlight has been a less than stellar program since its launch in 2012. While it may have brought new hope to many developers, it also pushed some into the…

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