My Lovely Daughter

My Lovely Daughter Trailer Shows Off The Twisted Nature Of Raising Homunculi (VIDEO)

Following a successful Steam Greenlight campaign, Toge Productions and Gamechanger Studios are hoping to kick out their visual novel/resource management game, My Lovely Daughter, sometime this year. The theme around the title…

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The Steam Trading Cards System is Getting Revamped to Prevent “Fake Game” Abuse

In 2013, Valve introduced the Steam Trading Card system as a fun feature and an opportunity for people’s inner collector to geek out. Furthermore, it was an “easy way to…

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Half-Life 2 VR

Half-Life 2 VR Mod Achieves Steam Greenlight Campaign (VIDEO)

In the wake of Virtual Reality gaming’s popularity, many developers and modders have come out of the wood-work to create their own contributions to the ever growing library. With the…

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Steam's low-quality

Valve Addresses Steam’s “Fake Games” Issue – Talks New System to Promote Quality

Everyone, at one time or another, has had the displeasure of downloading a promising title only to discover it’s another one of Steam’s low-quality games slipping through the cracks. It…

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