Genji's Dragonblade ultimate buff

Overwatch’s Genji is Getting a Buff to His Dragonblade Ultimate

Despite already being considered one of the game’s most powerful heroes, Overwatch’s resident cyborg ninja is receiving a buff soon. The buff, which is set to arrive in a currently ‘to…

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Blizzard Explains Recent D.Va Nerf on PTR – “Generally More Consistent”

A recent update to the Overwatch Public test realm (PTR) had made small changes to multiple heroes and one of them was D.Va. Blizzard nerfed her a little bit by…

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Overwatch’s Roadhog Receiving Nerf in the Near Future – First Stop: PTR

Overwatch has been out for less than 8 months, feels like it has been out for 20 years, and still brings about the same excitement as if it were released…

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