Star Wars Revan

Star Wars KOTOR’s Revan Officially Made Canon In ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’

When Disney took over the Star Wars franchise, they made a decision to label much of its content into “Legends,” with numerous characters and stories deemed no longer canon within…

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Battlefront II Palpatine

Battlefront II Patch Brings Back Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars Battlefront II finally fixed one of its most glaring issues to date this week. The August patch brought the return of the previously-broken Emperor Palpatine to the beleaguered…

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Battlefront 2 Trailer Leak Highlights Epic In-Engine Space Battles

Star Wars Battlefront II Cinematic Trailer Features Emperor Palpatine (VIDEO)

In the latest Star Wars Battlefront II cinematic trailer, all is revealed when Operation Cinder launches and Iden Versio is sent on her very first mission in light of the…

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