Deadpool Cookbook Shows You How To Make Chimichangas

Marvel Comics’ “merc with a mouth” is getting his very own cookbook full of stabby things and, of course, chimichangas. Written by award-nomated writer and editor Marc Sumerak and recipe…

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destiny 2 cookbook bungie

Destiny 2 Official Cookbook Reveals Stellar Recipes

Throughout quarantine and social distancing protocols and having collected all the plants, replayed all your favorite games, experienced an existential crisis on the daily – have you run out of…

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Fallout Cookbook Now Available To Pre-Order

From Harry Potter to Hearthstone to EarthBound, pop culture cookbooks have become considerably more prevalent than you may realize. The newest entry into this genre, Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s Official…

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EarthBound-inspired Cookbook

Beautiful EarthBound-Inspired Cookbook Smashes Its Kickstarter Goal

This one’s for all you EarthBound fans out there. A Kickstarter campaign for an EarthBound-inspired cookbook has been making its rounds on the internet ever since the campaign’s December 11, 2017 launch…

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Innkeeper's Tavern Cookbook

Hearthstone-Inspired “Innkeeper’s Tavern Cookbook” Arrives Later This Year (GALLERY)

Putting a whole new spin on the term “Recipe cards,” best-selling author Chelsea Monroe-Cassel is whipping up a brand new cookbook inspired by Blizzard’s Hearthstone.  Titled “Innkeeper’s Tavern Cookbook,” the book…

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