Adventure Time: Distant Lands Episode 2 Gets New Title Art

The final season of Adventure Time released back in 2018, wrapping up the adventures of Finn and Jake, but the Land of Ooo is vast and wide. While the main…

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Minecraft Heads To Adventure Time In An All-New Episode (VIDEO)

There’s no doubt that Adventure Time is one of the most popular cartoon series in the 2000s due to its quirky animation, heartfelt yet silly narratives each episode. Even though…

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Adventure Time Pirates Of The Enchiridion Game Coming Soon!

Memories of the exploits of Finn, Jake, and the gang in Adventure Time provided a fantastic escape, and fans were loyal throughout its run. Next year, we’ll be able to…

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Adventure Time Miniseries

Cartoon Network Bringing New Adventure Time Miniseries – Tons of New Content to Come

It was announced in a press release that Cartoon Network will be bringing 13 new series this year. Some are returning series while other are brand new, including one called…

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A Castlevania TV Series Appears to be all but Confirmed by Adventure Time Producer

Castlevania is a game series that first premiered on the Family Computer Disk System (FDS) in Japan back in 1986 and then made its way over to EU and NA on…

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Everything is Awesome With New Gremlins Addition to Lego Dimensions

If you haven’t played Lego Dimensions yet, you may not be aware of the wacky universe you’re stepping into. Imagine a world where Ghost Busters can hang with Doctor Who,…

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