The Cities: Skylines Finally Gets a Natural Disasters Expansion

skylines natural disasters

Players have been begging for natural disasters (in-game) since the beginning and now they finally get their wish! The Cities: Skylines will finally have tsunamis, tornadoes, meteor strikes, earthquakes, and sinkholes thanks to the Natural Disasters expansion. Don’t just let your cities be destroyed (unless you’re into that kind of thing…), save your residents with early warning systems, disaster response teams, and even emergency shelters. These disasters can even be turned on manually by choosing any of the natural disasters from the new menu, choosing which section of your city you want affected, and then the wait is on! You can use as many of the natural disasters as you want at one time and enable them to happen randomly while you play. There is even a slider that adjusts just how often you want these disasters to strike.

skyline natural disasters

The disasters look pretty spot on in Cities: Skylines. The meteors make an explosion that shoots debris into the sky and will leave an impact crater in it’s wake. Tornadoes travel across the map destroying houses, flinging your people and cars and everything in between through the air, and leaving a trail of it’s destruction. The tsunamis will come onshore after creeping it’s way from the ocean and then completely drown everything it touches. Sinkholes and earthquakes cause your buildings to fall and you can even cause a building to collapse on it’s own if you want. The natural disasters can even combine with each other like when meteors and lightning strike the ground, they will cause massive fires, when earthquakes are near water they will cause a tsunami, and if your water systems or power plants gets destroyed they can cause blackouts and sewage problems that you will have to fix.

skylines natural disasters

There are also preventative things to build in order to protect your city against natural disasters. For tsunamis there’s a sea wall, meteors can be detected with a deep space radar dish, weather detection equipment, and radio towers to alert your citizens of disaster as soon as possible. The Emergency Response Headquarters will dispatch helicopters to search for survivors and clear rubble to help you rebuild. Emergency Centers protect you people from natural disasters, but you have to make sure that they are easily accessible and keep them stocked with food and such. You can create evacuation routes to help your people find their way to the centers, similar to the way you draw bus lines when you normally play Cities: Skylines.

skylines natural disasters

You can even set certain conditions that will trigger a disaster when met, like setting a meteor to fall when you’ve taken out too many loans or a tornado once 20,000 people have rode the bus. Are you excited to finally get natural disasters on Cities: skyline? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and make sure to check out DFTG’s Twitter page for gaming news hot off the press! Did you hear that Dishonored 2‘s latest PC patch is attempting to fix more bugs than before? Read about it here!

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