International Game Developers Association

International Game Developers Association Takes A Stand Against Gaming Blame, “We Will Not Be Used As A Scapegoat”

With gun violence coming under severe public scrutiny once again, United States President Donald Trump has turned the focus on an old argument. The question is, do violent video games…

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President Trump Says Video Games

President Trump Says Video Games Partially Responsible For Violent Tragedies (VIDEO)

In a recent video that has appeared on the internet, President Trump says video games are partially responsible for violent tragedies. This, of course, is in response to the horrific…

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Civilization VI President Trump Mod

Civilization VI President Trump Mod Brings Actual Policies And Quotes To The Game

A new Civilization VI President Trump mod will give players the opportunity to see the leader in the game. After announcing policies that would affect those in the real-world Scientific…

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