Leeroy Jenkins

Infamous “Leeroy Jenkins” Line May Be Staged, But His Legacy Lives On In Our Hearts (VIDEO)

No matter whether or not you’ve played World of Warcraft before, chances are you know of the infamous Leeroy Jenkins. The character and his infamous lines have become synonymous as…

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WATCH: Parkour Game 404Sight Is About Net Neutrality And Worth Checking Out

The FCC recently voted in favor of exterminating Net Neutrality, which has been in place since 2015 and protects users from being taken advantage of by service providers, while keeping…

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Game Developers Are Worried About Net Neutrality, Comcast Issues Worrisome Statement

Net Neutrality’s potential removal is a scary thing. To put in simplified terms, it is essentially as if a company like EA is responsible for the internet. To have access…

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Thousands of Companies Join Together for a “Call to Action” to Protect Net Neutrality (VIDEO)

The internet is a game changer – world-wide information with a click of a mouse or a touch of a button. It provides entertainment, information, and has become paramount to…

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John Oliver Asks Gamers to Come Together Regarding Net Neutrality (VIDEO)

In an episode of John Oliver’s HBO show Last Week Tonight, he spoke about something that affects gamers and everyone else who uses the internet, net neutrality. Oliver insists that…

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