evil genius 2

Evil Genius 2 Reveals New Gameplay Trailer (VIDEO)

A sequel of the classic simulation game is just around the corner! Lead designer Rich Edwards and producer Ash Tregay take fans on a tour of the sequel in a…

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Evil Genius 2 Revealed At E3 PC Gaming Show (VIDEO)

Evil Genius 2 Revealed At E3 PC Gaming Show (VIDEO)

We currently live in an age where dormant franchises are regularly seeing a resurgence, with long-overdue sequels such as Shenmue III and a new Psychonauts game being just a few…

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After 12 Years, Evil Genius 2 has Been Announced

After 13 Years Since the First Game’s Release, Evil Genius 2 Has Been Announced

Back in 2004, the real-time strategy game Evil Genius was launched and gave players the unique opportunity to inhabit the role of a villain tasked with taking over the world. A…

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