Razer Prototypes Stolen

Razer Prototypes Stolen From CES Showfloor – “Industrial Espionage”

CES 2017 is officially over, but even as the show is closing, news is still coming out of Las Vegas. This news, however, was definitely not the kind that Razer…

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Razer Introduces Insane Triple Display Laptop Concept at CES 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 has brought out mind boggling concepts from cars with personality to 8K HDMI that will make your eyeballs sing. No CES would be complete…

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New HDMI Specification Announced at CES 2017 – 8K Inbound!

Throw away your 4K televisions and monitors because you will not be needing them anymore! Okay, that’s a bit drastic, and quite frankly, highly unnecessary. 4K is great and looks…

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