Valve Introduces Experimental “Steam Labs” Project

Valve is diving into the world of machine learning and interactive features for their world-renown online video game retailer. Announcing Steam Labs, the company is actively developing several experimental projects…

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Witcher Characters

Witcher Characters Are Appearing In Adult Films As A Result Of This Face-Swapping AI

For those of you who have been hanging around the internet for some time, you have likely learned that nothing is sacred. If there is something that you hold near…

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Researchers at DeepMind Using New Tools to Expand AI Technology in StarCraft II

The collection of engineers and scientists at DeepMind have pushed artificial intelligence research over the edge of expectation. As a matter of fact, they have created programs that train their…

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Artificial Intelligence System Develops Own Language – Next Step: Take Over World

Researchers at Facebook had to pull the plug recently on an artificial intelligence system once two chatbots developed their own language and were understanding one another. Fast Co. Design says the…

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