Nightmare Batmen in Dark Nights: Metal

Here’s a Rundown of All 7 Nightmare Batmen in Dark Nights: Metal

Dark Nights: Metal has brought to light several evil versions of Batman from all across the Dark Multiverse, each of them more horrible than the last. Now, after the recent…

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The Flash Movie officially titled Flashpoint

DCEU’s The Flash Movie Has Officially Been Titled Flashpoint

After losing two directors and facing a full rewrite, the Flash movie – starring Ezra Miller – is moving full steam ahead.  Though there has not been much news about…

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Funko Coco! These Conan Pop Figures Will Be Exclusively at Comic-Con

Funko Coco! These Conan Pop Figures Will Be Exclusively at Comic-Con

Late-night funnyman Conan O’Brien is heading to San Diego Comic-Con for this year’s nerdtastic proceedings, where the host will tape his talk show Conan from July 19th to July 22nd. As…

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injustice 2 flash character trailer

Injustice 2: Latest Flash Character Trailer Shatters the Space-Time Barrier (VIDEO)

Injustice 2 has been on a roll with reveals lately, with last week’s villain-focused trailer and Catwoman’s debut still fresh in everyone’s minds. Even after all the new roster additions, there is…

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After Losing Two Directors, Flash Movie Will Now Be Entirely Rewritten

It was reported that DC’s The Flash film will be entirely rewritten after losing two different Directors in the space of a few months. Warner is having Joby Harold, who…

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The Button watcmen injustice

Batman and The Flash Watch the Watchmen in “The Button” Crossover Event (COMICS)

Last year, DC’s comics line was birthed once more. Call it a “Rebirth”, if you will, as the universe’s main heroes were given new, but familiar backstories. The new continuity has…

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The Flash Video Game We Almost Got – Here’s What it Would Have Looked Like (Video)

Whether be it Barry Allen or Wally West for comic book fans, The Flash has always been a big DC Comics character and member of the Justice League. His popularity…

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