Is Shelob a Savior or an Enemy – New Shadow of War Trailer Shows Her in a New Light (VIDEO)

San Diego Comic Con is rife with news of returning favourites and brand new tales – from Nickelodeon’s nostalgic come-back, to awesome Spawn news, there’s a lot happening and for…

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LOTR Lawsuit

$80 Million Lord of the Rings Tolkien Estate Lawsuit Has Finally Been Settled

Turn back the clock back into 2012 when Tolkien’s Hobbit was just about to come to the big screen. It was at this time that a lawsuit against Warner Bros…

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100 Years After Being Written, A New Tolkien Novel Has Finally Been Published

100 years after it was written, fans of Tolkien’s Middle Earth saga have been gifted a brand new novel brought to life from the works of this celebrated author of…

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Middle-Earth Shadow of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Release Date Delayed, Different Region Release Dates Confirmed

Monolith Productions‘ highly anticipated Middle-Earth: Shadow of War has been quite the hot topic ever since the official announcement. Fans of the original Shadow of Mordor have been eagerly awaiting for the game to…

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LOTR Director Reveals – David Bowie Was Too Busy To Play Gandalf!

It’s been 15 years since the Fellowship of the Ring was released to audiences around the globe. The Lord of the Rings saga has had such a deep impact on…

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