Far Cry: New Dawn Has a Very Clever Avengers: Infinity War Easter Egg (VIDEO)

Now that Far Cry: New Dawn is out and available for players to enjoy, some are taking to the post-apacolyptic world following the events of Far Cry 5 with eyes…

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PlayStation Crossplay News Acknowledged By Xbox With Marvel Reference

It seems Xbox and PlayStation are inching their way toward reconciliation, or something of that sort. Since the recent announcement that Sony will begin their venture toward PlayStation crossplay, gamers…

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Spider-Man: How To Unlock The Avengers Infinity War Spider Suit (VIDEO)

We just saw the release of Marvel‘s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 and fans are already hailing the game as a glorious return to form for the web-slinger. Players have undoubtedly…

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It’s Official! First Look at Guardians of the Galaxy in Upcoming Avengers: Infinity War (VIDEO)

It’s officially happening! Though comic fans knew it was bound to happen eventually, fans finally have official confirmation that Guardians of the Galaxy will blend into the upcoming Avengers: Infinity…

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